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To optimize value, it is imperative to personalize user experiences. Kinoa offers the capability to generate segments in real-time based on any parameter of your game for a variety of purposes. The Segmentation Platform serves as the foundation for all Kinoa services, enabling you to create bespoke experiences for your users. You can also use any of our predefined segments that have been created for your convenience to start operating effortless from the first day.

User State management

Kinoa’s User State Management allows you to track and update all of your user's attributes in real time, enabling you to create immersive and engaging experiences and give your users a sense of progression. This feature is tightly coupled with your LiveOps activity and creates a real sense of personalization of your User Journey

Resource Management

Import and manage all of your game’s items, resources and currencies in one place. Plug them as part of your LiveOps activities to avoid mistakes.

Feature Settings

Using Kinoa Feature Settings you can manage all of your feature’s economies and configurations and create segmented experiences in real time. With an easy spreadsheet export and import, you can assign specific configuration types to dedicated segments, enable or disable features for specific users, or manage your stores without the need to submit your application through the approval process.

In App Messages

Create seamless communication with your user to increase engagement within your app. Integrate your templates or use Kinoa’s out of the box templates to bring personalization of the messaging, as well as Personal Offers to maximize the value of your users.

As part of the User Flow, you can create sequenced In App Messages to create “features” that look and feel like a native feature within your app.

Push notifications

Push notifications are one of the most important elements of your User Engagement campaigns. But siloed push notifications campaign have limited impact. Kinoa allows you to make Push Notifications part of the broader User Engagement activity. Trigger Push notifications from a schedule or an event, and configure send times, languages and creative concepts with ultimate flexibility.

Within the Kinoa SDK, you also have the possibility to create Local Push Notification.. This feature will enable you to send notifications, even when the users are offline, scheduled directly from your app.


Send custom events from Kinoa to ANYWHERE you want from within the user flow. Use it to trigger new features, send data, communicate with your internal systems, or any other use case that you can potentially think of. The only limit is your imagination.


Emails is another critical component of your LiveOps activities. Make sure you are reaching your users anywhere and everywhere, and trigger Emails directly from the User Flow creation


Get a glance about your app status with all the updated information, installs, sessions, new users, purchases, revenue, retention, active users, and more. All the critical information to give you a birds eye view of the health of your app.


Organize and understand how your events and promotions activities look like over time. With our calendar feature you will be able to understand exactly which segments are getting which events and promotions.

A/B Testing

Test EVERYTHING! Kinoa allows to you test feature configurations, In App Messages, Push Notifications, User Flows and more! Split segments and understand the performance of each, to ensure that you are always going the right way.

CRM solution

Save, manage and update the User State. Grant rewards, communicate with your user and send personalized messages to them.


Our consulting services comprise a team of seasoned professionals who possess a plethora of knowledge and extensive experience in the realm of gaming operations. Their expertise can assist you in designing, strategizing and implementing your economy and monetization strategies. Our teams have previously managed games with multi-million-dollar daily revenues, enabling them to discern the secret ingredients to success. Through their guidance, you can develop efficient processes that will elevate your game to the pinnacle of the industry.

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